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A Farce directed by Rhonda Clark

When: 2:00 - 4:30 pm Saturday, December 12, 2020 – Readings from the script. Auditions will take place in three 45-minute time slots (2:00, 2:50, and 3:40) with no more than 6 actors in the theatre at a time with the director and stage manager. It is important that you be on time or early for your time slot. If needed, callbacks will be at 4:00 pm Sunday, December 13. Contact the theatre to request one of the three time slots on Saturday (email or phone 405-232-6500). Tell us the best way to reach you, so we can contact you to confirm your time slot.

Where: At the theatre, located at 800 W. Main. Parking is free on the street, at Dagwell Dixie next door (ignore the “No Parking” signs), and in the parking lot on the west side of the SMC building at 815 W. Main (between SMC and the West Village apartment building).

What: WEAR A MASK, and bring a recent photo and résumé. You will not be admitted without a mask, and temps will be taken before entering the theatre. We will practice social distancing inside the theatre.

Hard copy perusal scripts are available to check out for a $10 refundable deposit. Please call CST at 405-232-6500 or email to make arrangements to check out a script. Call or contact us in the office before dropping by to make sure a script is available and someone is in the office to check it out to you.
Office Hours: Closed Mondays. Open Tuesdays through Fridays 1-6:00 pm.

Performance dates: February 26-March 20, 2021
February 26-27, March 5-6, 11-14, and 18-19 with brush-up rehearsal on March 4. Most rehearsals are scheduled Mon-Fri at 7 p.m. with Saturday or Sunday rehearsals scheduled only if needed to accommodate week-night conflicts. 1st tech is the afternoon/early evening of Sunday, February 21, 2021.

CAST OVERVIEW: 4 Men, 3 Women;
HENRY SAUNDERS – 50s A concert producer and promoter now producing “the concert of the century,” The Three Tenors. He is desperate for it to be a huge success.

MAX – 30s Has spent 10 years as Saunders’ assistant and now is an opera singer. He is married with a pregnant wife, and Saunders is his father-in-law.

TITO MERELLI – 40s-60s A world-famous opera singer with an ego to match; speaks with an Italian dialect.

MARIA MERELLI – 40s-50s Tito’s stunning wife; speaks with an Italian dialect. A spitfire who has been with Tito for 25 years.

MIMI – 20s – The Merelli’s daughter who was brought up in America. She speaks with an American accent, and is a romantic who is an aspiring actress. She will be seen in lingerie. She and Carlo have been in love for a year.

BEPPO – Played by the same actor that plays Tito. A former Gondolier from Venice who is now a bellhop at the Faubourg Ritz Hotel in Paris, he speaks with a thick Italian dialect, and loves to sing opera. Of course, he’s a dead ringer for Tito - only with a mustache! When Tito quits, Saunders enlists him to sing as Tito at the big concert.

CARLO NUCCI – 20s – A young man in great physical shape who will be seen in his skivvies. He and Mimi are in love. By the way, he is an operatic rival to Tito.

TATIANA RACÓN – 30s-40s - A beautiful Russian singer who had an affair with Tito when they were much younger. She seeks out Tito in Paris, wanting to rekindle their love and have a child with him. She mistakes Beppo for Tito at the hotel.

One hotel suite, four tenors, two wives, three girlfriends, and a soccer stadium filled with screaming fans. What could possibly go wrong? It’s 1930s Paris and the stage is set for the concert of the century – as long as producer Henry Saunders can keep Italian superstar Tito Merelli and his hot-blooded wife, Maria, from causing runaway chaos. Prepare for an uproarious ride, full of mistaken identities, bedroom hijinks, and madcap delight.

"Ken Ludwig is a comedic genius. A Comedy of Tenors is full of non-stop hilarity." - Princeton Found.

“From conception to execution, everything about A Comedy of Tenors hits on all comedic cylinders and, as advertised, is laugh-out-loud funny.” - The News-Herald.

“Laugh after laugh greets one improbable scene after another. Ludwig knows no ridiculous limits.” -

“Playwright Ken Ludwig has hit the jackpot again with his fast-paced, over-the-top farce A Comedy of Tenors.” - Beacon Journal.


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