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MAY 17-JUNE 8, 2024

HOPE AND GRAVITY – comedy by Michael Hollinger


When an elevator falls in a major city, nine lives intersect in surprising ways, both comic and tragic—through love and sex, poetry and dentistry; in offices, homes, and hotel rooms. Jill longs for Steve, who’s engaged to Barb, who hooks up with Peter, who’s already having an affair with Nan, who’s married to Marty, who subscribes to Elevator World. Meanwhile, nine stories off the ground, Douglas meets Tanya—who’s hoping to get pregnant with Hal—and a little miracle changes hands. By turns hilarious and profound, Hope and Gravity traces the barely perceivable threads that connect us all. “…brilliantly structured and hilariously written…” —Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “Some of the scenes are laugh-out-loud funny; others are tenderly poignant.” —Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “[It’s] Michael Hollinger at his best: witty banter, well-turned phrases, and genuine characters make us laugh; then something unexpectedly wonderful and mysterious lifts us to a new level. Gravity tugs us downward but hope allows us to soar...” —

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