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September 6-28, 2019
a comedy by Matthew Lopez

He’s young, he’s broke, his landlord’s knocking at the door, and he’s just found out his wife is going to have a baby. To make matters even more desperate, Casey is fired from his gig as an Elvis impersonator in a run-down, small-town Florida bar. When the bar owner brings in a B-level drag show to replace his act, Casey finds that he has a whole lot to learn about show business - and himself - as he becomes a drag entertainer!

By the same writer as The Whipping Man, which audiences loved at CST in Season 33.

“Stitch-in-your-side funny…full of sass and good spirits.” —NY Times.

“Lopez demonstrates a…stellar gift for amusing dialogue and farcical humor…highly entertaining.” —Hollywood Reporter.

“Chasing buzzy themes of identity and transformation, Georgia McBride is by turns sweet and salty and deceptively deep…confirms [Lopez’s] status as a writer worth hearing from.” —NY Daily News.

“…a delightful, genderbending farce…a funny and often glorious tribute to the art of drag…Lopez delivers a strong message on tolerance for the entire spectrum of human sexuality, while creating a barrelful of fun in the process.” —Variety.



October 18-November 9, 2019
a mystery by Jeffrey Hatcher

Sherlock Holmes is dead. Or so it is assumed. The world knows the great detective went over the falls at Reichenbach with his nemesis Professor Moriarty. But as Holmes’ body was never retrieved, a number of frauds, fakes, and charlatans have come forward to lay claim to his identity, and it falls to Dr. Watson to disprove them. Then a telegram arrives informing Watson that three men, each claiming to be Holmes, have been committed to a remote asylum off the coast of Scotland. Now Watson must discover if one of the mad men is the real Sherlock Holmes.



“…the most elaborate and riveting game of What’s My Line ever…The Jeffrey Hatcher play…is tight and clever and full of suspense and has enough red herrings to feed a family of 40.” —Arizona Daily Star.

“[HOLMES AND WATSON] is a truly smashing play full of twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat…Hatcher has crafted an intelligent mystery thriller…” —

“Wildly enthralling and masterfully penned…Hatcher well knows his way around riddles and is a crafty manipulator of appearances…An amazing must-see cliffhanger.” —


November 29-December 21, 2019 
a comedy by David Sedaris, adapted by Joe Mantello

The Santaland Diaries is a brilliant evocation of what a slacker's Christmas must feel like! Out of work, our slacker decides to become a Macy's elf during the holiday crunch. At first the job is simply humiliating, but once the thousands of visitors start pouring through Santa's workshop, he becomes battle-weary and bitter. Finding consolation in the fact that some of the other elves were television extras on One Life to Live, he grins and bears it, occasionally taking out his frustrations on the children and parents alike. The piece ends with yet another Santa being ushered into the workshop, but this one is different from the lecherous or drunken ones with whom he has had to work. This Santa actually seems to care about and love the children who come to see him, startling our hero into an uncharacteristic moment of goodwill, just before his employment runs out.

"A delightfully thorny account of working as a Yuletide elf at Macy's. Priceless observations, both outrageous and subtle. Destined to hold a place in the annals of American humor writing." —NY Times.

"A sardonic, merrily subversive tale—just the antidote to bright-eyed joy before too many shopping days have passed. Worth more than a photo album full of Santas!" —NY Newsday.

"A satirical brazenness that holds up next to Twain and Nathanael West." —The New Yorker.


January 10-February 1, 2020
a romantic comedy by Bathsheba Doran

Deep in the American South, Charlotte and Jonny have been best friends since they were nine. She’s Jewish, he’s Christian; he’s black, she’s white. Their differences intensify their connection, until sexual desire complicates everything in surprising, compulsive ways. An unexpected love story about where souls meet and the consequences of growing up.

"Perfectly wonderful! Among the season's finest plays. It is tender, funny, packed with humanity and brimming with surprising revelations. Bathsheba Doran has written a play with such compassion and wry wisdom that I emerged from the theater into yet another frigid day feeling warmed from within." - The New York Times.

"Wise and exquisitely crafted." - Time Out New York.

"The best new play of this young year." -

"This really is a hopeful and atypically intimate kind of play - ideal for different generations of a family, whether or not that's a group defined by birth." - The Chicago Tribune

Rated R


February 21-March 14, 2020
a drama by Scott Z. Burns

(Part of CST's educational outreach to at-risk high school students)

After Caitlin Gabriel survives a deadly shooting at her high school, she struggles to tell her story to her parents, the authorities, and anyone who will listen. But there are other narratives that gain purchase in the media and paint her in a different light. Renowned Hollywood screenwriter Scott Z. Burns returns to the stage with this bold and chilling play that asks us to examine our relationship to the truth and the lies that claim to heal us.

"We're scared, we're dazzled, we're hooked....The Library doesn't make the mistake of trying to find clear motivations for [the] crime. Instead, it considers how such events [affect] those who survive them." —NY Times.

"The show isn't concerned with the tragedy itself but with the stories people tell afterward, from he said/she said testimonies to the search for perfect victims…Some may complain that The Library is too emotionally detached, but that's actually a strength: It's rare to see a show take a step back so the audience can think." —NY Post.


May 15-June 6, 2020

a comedy by Halley Feiffer

A foul-mouthed twenty-something comedian and a middle-aged man embroiled in a nasty divorce are brought together unexpectedly when their cancer-stricken mothers become roommates in the hospital. Together, this unlikely duo must negotiate some of life’s biggest challenges…while making some of the world’s most inappropriate jokes. Can these two very lost people learn to laugh through their pain and lean on each other, when all they really want to do is run away?

"…a play that is as deeply felt as its name is long…[an] exposed nerve of a script…” —NY Times.

“…raunchy and fearless…[an] audacious mix of crude humor and deep feeling…funny and moving…[Feiffer’s] distinct voice is on fine display throughout, in all its uniquely unsettling glory. A Funny Thing…manages to take the least funny thing possible and uncover dark laughter along the way.” —

Rated R


June 26-July 18, 2020 
a farce by Ken Ludwig

One hotel suite, four tenors, two wives, three girlfriends, and a soccer stadium filled with screaming fans. What could possibly go wrong?

It’s 1930s Paris and the stage is set for the concert of the century – as long as producer Henry Saunders can keep Italian superstar Tito Merelli and his hot-blooded wife, Maira, from causing runaway chaos. Prepare for an uproarious ride, full of mistaken identities, bedroom hijinks, and madcap delight.

"Ken Ludwig is a comedic genius. A Comedy of Tenors is full of non-stop hilarity." - Princeton Found.

“From conception to execution, everything about A Comedy of Tenors hits on all comedic cylinders and, as advertised, is laugh-out-loud funny.” - The News-Herald.

“Laugh after laugh greets one improbable scene after another. Ludwig knows no ridiculous limits.” -

“Playwright Ken Ludwig has hit the jackpot again with his fast-paced, over-the-top farce A Comedy of Tenors.” - Beacon Journal


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