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January 7-22, 2022
a comedy by Steve Martin

Winner! 1996 Outer Critics Circle Award, Best Off Broadway Play

This long running Off Broadway absurdist comedy places Albert Einstein and Pablo Picasso in a Parisian cafe in 1904, just before the renowned scientist transformed physics with his theory of relativity and the celebrated painter set the art world afire with cubism. In his first comedy for the stage, the popular actor and screenwriter plays fast and loose with fact, fame, and fortune as these two geniuses muse (and argue) about the century’s achievements and prospects, as well as other fanciful topics, with infectious dizziness. Bystanders, including Picasso’s agent, the bartender and his mistress, Picasso’s date, an elderly philosopher, and an idiotic inventor introduce additional flourishes of humor. The final surprise patron to join the merriment at the Lapin Agile is a charismatic dark-haired visitor in blue suede shoes time warped in from the 1950s.

(CST first produced “Picasso” in 2000 in Season 16. Audiences loved its quirky humor. There is a 2017 revised version that we will be presenting.)

"It’s important to remember that the playwright of Picasso at the Lapin Agile is Steve Martin, stand-up comic, actor, writer, banjo player and something of a genius in his own right. So when big questions are being addressed, you can be sure that a layer of silliness is always in place (and, subversively, a layer of seriousness beneath that)." - The New York Times.

"Highly credible and [...] very funny. The subject matter is daring [...] You get giggles in plenty [and] moments of enlightenment [...] The introduction of the final, exquisitely selected visitor from the future is a master stroke." - New York Post.

"Consistently entertaining." - New York Daily News.

"Very engaging [...] Martin sends ideas onstage in baggy pants, with a cigar [...] mix[ing] the sublime with the ridiculous [so] that they can't be easily disentangled [...] Very good fun." - The New York Times.

“A major treat." – Newsday.

"Steve Martin's enlightening play is equally smart and silly [...]" - Hartford Courant.

February 11 - March 5, 2022
a historical comedy-drama by Richard Strand

(Intended for Educational Outreach)

When an escaped slave shows up at Fort Monroe demanding sanctuary, General Benjamin Butler is faced with an impossible moral dilemma—follow the letter of the law or make a game-changing move that could alter the course of U.S. history?

“[BEN BUTLER is] part comedy, part historical drama and part biography, often all at once…Just call it splendid…The beauty of the script…is how it approaches thorny topics. In short, it’s a hoot. Rather than dry exposition or long-winded discussions, these men use wordplay that is by turns sarcastic, droll and witty…[Strand’s] comic voice is…clever without being glib, meaningful without being pretentious. It’s a funny and impressive mixture.” —The New York Times.

“…simultaneously thought-provoking and sidesplitting.” —“…an extraordinary, artful script…spirited, intense, often humorous dialogue makes this show completely captivating…a significant piece of theater and a timeless exploration of social conscience and individual responsibility.” —

March 25 - April 9, 2022
a comedy by Michael Hollinger

When an elevator falls in a major city, nine lives intersect in surprising ways, both comic and tragic—through love and sex, poetry and dentistry; in offices, homes, and hotel rooms. Jill longs for Steve, who’s engaged to Barb, who hooks up with Peter, who’s already having an affair with Nan, who’s married to Marty, who subscribes to Elevator World. Meanwhile, nine stories off the ground, Douglas meets Tanya—who’s hoping to get pregnant with Hal—and a little miracle changes hands. By turns hilarious and profound, HOPE AND GRAVITY traces the barely perceivable threads that connect us all.

“…brilliantly structured and hilariously written…” —Fort Worth Star-Telegram.

“A satisfying, crowd-pleasing puzzle play, with nine scenes in two acts, but not in chronological order.” —Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

“Some of the scenes are laugh-out-loud funny; others are tenderly poignant.” —Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.

“There’s a thrill in chasing this plot—it’s always tantalizingly ahead of you—and finally nailing it. The thrill extends to witnessing five actors, some in dual roles, as they lay out this story that happens in the past, or sometimes in the future, yet also in the present.” —WHYY Philadelphia.

“[It’s] Michael Hollinger at his best: witty banter, well-turned phrases, and genuine characters make us laugh; then something unexpectedly wonderful and mysterious lifts us to a new level. Gravity tugs us downward but hope allows us to soar, as HOPE AND GRAVITY shows.” — .

April 29 - May 21, 2022
a romantic comedy by Matthew Barber

From the novel Eleanor and Abel by Annette Sanford. Retired schoolteacher Eleanor Bannister lives a quiet life alone in tiny Groverdell, Texas, set in her routines and secure in her position as the town’s most respected woman—until a hole in her roof draws the attention of Abel Brown, a smooth-talking drifter intent on renovating Eleanor’s house, and possibly her life. Can the unexpected sparks of late-life romance be trusted, or is there truth in the gossip that Abel isn’t all that he seems to be? Either way, the whole town is talking.
For more information on FIREFLIES, visit:

“…perfection…[a] beautiful and moving play…” —

“…winsome, warm…a charming, quiet love story [that will] warm the cockles of your heart.” —New Haven Register.

“…Barber writes in the cadences of classic romance…a well-told story of tentative, late-life love.” —The Hartford Courant.

“…Perfection…an absorbing piece of storytelling with vibrant characters experiencing a wide range of human emotion…a play that reminds us how great theater can be…” —Connecticut Arts Connection.


June 10 - 25, 2022
a romantic comedy-drama by Adam Szymkowicz

Welcome to Colchester, a small town where everybody knows each other and the pace of life allows the pursuit of love to take up as much space as it needs. Our tour guide is Suzanne, the town photographer, who lets us peek into her neighbors’ lives to catch glimpses of romance in all its stages of development. A play about love, nostalgia, the seasons, and how we learn to say goodbye.

"It's tender and poignant and awkward and funny all at the same time - you know, just like life."- Broadway World.

"Kodachrome" is somewhere between an ensemble love story, a mischievous comedy and a supernatural dream. - Willamette Week.

“This breezy new play by Adam Szymkowicz, receiving its world premiere production at Portland Center Stage under the direction of Rose Riordan, is warm and cheerful but clear-eyed about the impermanence of love.” - The Oregonian.

“Overall, I highly recommend KODACHROME. You'll leave Colchester with a newfound determination to stop putting off whatever it is you've been putting off and, in the words of Harold Hill, "make today worth remembering." - Broadway World.

"The play intermixes moments of gut-wrenching sadness with lighthearted humor, all while forcing the audience to pause and confront each emotion with the click of a shutter.” - The Portland Mercury.

“This is a beautiful play–understated, tricky, often humorous, and universal. It’s a story about ordinary people going about their lives.” Judy Nedry.

July 15 - 30, 2022
a comedy-drama by Charly Evon Simpson

As Fay copes with the death of her mother and loss of her childhood home, she seeks solace by visiting the bridge her mother took her to as a child. There she meets Hopkins, who walks the bridge as a balm for his own grieving. JUMP is a play full of flickering lights, vapes that fall from the sky, and the magic of hope in the midst of loss.

“[In JUMP]…heartstrings are not just plucked but shifted, and the reverberations are felt far longer than the final bows. …what is most profound about this play [is] the juxtaposition between the difficulty of connecting when you are drowning in loneliness and the hope of finding a place where connection, truth, and healing prevail.” —

“While not offering any definitive answers, Simpson’s richly layered script does offer a ray of hope that connection is possible IF we pull together the courage to reach out, listen, and trust one another. It’s thought-provoking, cautionary storytelling that does what theater does best: informs, enlightens, entertains, and (hopefully) brings us closer together.” —

“[The playwright] makes clear…that [mental health] issues are complex and take time and effort to work through. It’s vital, though, to have help in dealing with them, to be connected with other people. And in JUMP, we’re reminded that the way to connect two points over dark waters is with a bridge.” —Austin Chronicle.

August 12-27, 2022
a comedy by Jeremy Kareken & David Murrell and Gordon Farrell

Based on the book by John D’Agata and Jim Fingal

Jim is a fresh-out-of-Harvard fact checker for a prominent but sinking New York magazine. John is a talented writer with a transcendent essay about the suicide of a teenage boy—an essay that could save the magazine from collapse. When Jim is assigned to fact check John’s essay, the two come head to head in a comedic, yet gripping, battle over facts versus truth.

“…terrifically funny dialogue…once the writer and the fact-checker get into a lively debate on the ethics of factual truth vs. the beauty of literary dishonesty, it’s time to really sit up and listen…Their deadly serious but oh-so-funny ethical dispute is brilliantly argued…the debate at the heart of this play transcends comedy and demands serious attention.” —Variety.

“…buoyantly literate…wholly resonant questions [are] wrestled with in this briskly entertaining play
…you’ll find yourself happy to have your preconceptions disturbed and assumptions unsettled.” —Washington Post.

“[THE LIFESPAN OF A FACT] moves with the ticking-clock urgency the situation demands, yet finds appropriate moments to breathe and let us ruminate on the personal, professional and moral issues at stake…[an] ingenious adaptation of the sui generis book of the same name…” —Hollywood Reporter.


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