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When we first found this building back in 2019, we had no idea it would take so long to renovate. Nor did we know how much it would really cost!  


We’ve tried to balance the ambiance of an old warehouse with the necessity for 21st Century essentials like LED lighting fixtures. Plus we also wanted to maintain the “downtown” feel that has always been part of CST’s charm. For instance, any electrical conduit that you see in the theater was salvaged from the demolition and repurposed. We purposely left the faded yellow stripes on the concrete floor from when the place was used for automotive work.


You will no doubt appreciate the extra leg room and drink rails (with purse hooks!). The reason for the spacious seating is two-fold: to allow others to pass by without having to rise for them and also to provide enough distance between rows to avoid closing off every other one should another airborne virus threaten us. The extra space on each tier allows for placing the registers for the air to blow in from the floor behind each row. The indoor air quality experts recommend bringing air in low and taking it out high. Our returns are up high along the back wall. 


We also set all of the HVAC systems to use maximum outside air and minimum recirculated air. That along with MERV 13 filters should provide for one of the safest venues in OKC regarding air quality.


Our restrooms even incorporate modern air quality recommendations. The partitions are the tallest we could get, and we have additional exhaust vents in each one. The touchless fixtures add another layer of precaution.

Of course we hope you'll return often to enjoy the plays, but we also think you'll want to come back because the place is just so dang cool!

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